Why we work with Native Ads

Stability, scalability & quality

Native is one of the most stable traffic sources we've worked with. Other traffic sources can have wild swings in volume or are short-lived. Stability allows us to forecast and make growth plans for the future. Our clients value the consistency of our traffic for the same reason, they can be confident that it will still be there weeks, months or even years into the future.

Premium news sites make up the bulk of traffic we buy on native, with our campaigns running on some of the biggest publishers worldwide. While Google & Social take the top two spots in terms of traffic volume, Native is in a close third place. Access to these publishers means we can buy traffic at scale. This means once our campaigns are optimised into profitability we can scale simply by raising budgets.

Lastly, we can buy all the traffic in the world, but if it’s not of a high enough quality it won’t perform for us or our clients. Since we value long term relationships as opposed to ‘hit and runs’ or ‘one trick ponies’, traffic quality is the third key factor to answer the question ‘why native?’

Native makes this easy since the publishers we buy from are large, respected news networks, which users trust.