“Trust and integrity between business partners is the core value Click Crew Media started with.”

We want to be there for our partners and deliver what we promise to them. With good communication we try to be responsive as fast as possible to whoever reaches out to us. To make our partners know that they can rely on us by being as transparent as possible. We do what is asked of us and we’re not afraid to say what we cannot do.

“From survival to a healthy balance.”

Starting as a bootstrapped startup, the first goal automatically is survival and only that. It was the same for Sam and Jos, they never envisioned the company growing as much as it has. But a lot has changed since they started, including getting through a pandemic. Something that affected everyone’s lifestyle and it is only predictable that it also changed what Click Crew strives for as a company.


“The pandemic made us aware of the responsibility we have over the people joining our team, and how it’s also about them and not only us.”

It made us understand the value of obtaining a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy balance, we’re able to work as much as we desire without it leading to a burnout. We believe a sustainable workplace is at the core of an overall optimized performance both for the company and for every individual in the crew.