"It all started when we realised in an industry where trust was hardly found, we had solid trust in each other's values and abilities."

After 5 years of working in affiliate marketing individually, Sam as an independent affiliate and Jos as an affiliate manager, they were both searching for something more to their careers. This is why they were both ready to start Click Crew Media together when the opportunity presented itself to them.

"The core value that made us want to start our own affiliate marketing business, was trust and integrity between business partners”

Having such values, they make sure to be there for their business partners and always deliver what they promise. It is important to them that Click Crew Media is known as a transparent and reliable company with good communication.

"We want to be able to work as much as we desire without it leading to a burnout"

Starting just the two of them compared to now having 11 people work within the company, the goals of Click Crew Media have changed accordingly. Especially after the pandemic, it made Sam and Jos rethink their goals more towards building a sustainable workplace. It made them aware of the responsibility they have over the people joining their team.