Helping clients deliver high-quality native ads on an automated, data-driven platform.

We were looking for a high-quality, transparent, and data driven native ad platform to launch automated campaigns for our clients. Specifically, a solution that would deliver impressive engagement and performance results at efficient costs. That’s where Taboola was able to help.


Using Taboola native ads and Maximize Conversions bidding solution to increase engagement at more efficient costs.

We harnessed Taboola’s Maximize Conversions solution to increase results while scaling our campaigns. Maximize Conversions is an innovative bidding strategy that automatically optimizes bids to maximize performance.

"Taboola’s machine learning algorithm allows us to generate as many conversions as possible while staying within a predefined budget or target cost per acquisition."


With Taboola Maximize Conversions, Click Crew Media achieved a 10X increase in campaign scale, 10X increase in conversions, 2X increase in ROI, and 12.5% decrease in CPV.

By fully automating our campaign bids, we saved valuable resources and spent more time strategizing and scaling campaigns across the web. With Maximize Conversions enabled, we helped one client achieve a 10X increase in campaign scale, 10X increase in conversions, and nearly 2X increase in ROI — all at a 12.5% lower cost per view.