On native, commercial automation tools and optimisation solutions simply do not exist or aren't flexible enough to meet the high volume and varied demands of the clients we drive conversions for.

In addition, while most native traffic platforms do provide some kind of algorithmic media buying system, there is often a lack of knowledge about how to leverage these systems to extract the best performance.


Outbrain’s Amplify platform and strategic account management. By partnering with Outbrain, we get access to a system which was designed with developers at its core.  

"Outbrain’s Amplify API offers a solid foundation with the flexibility to allow us to build custom systems to satisfy the needs of our clients"

- Data visualisation and reporting layers so we can optimise and extract the highest return on investment for every click.

- Automate campaign and ad management, allowing us to find, test and scale winning campaigns and creatives faster than our competitors.

- Programmatic adjustments to bid, budget and targeting to drive the highest converting customers through our marketing funnels.

More importantly, partnering with Outbrain means working with experienced account managers with a wealth of knowledge. Offering account strategy, tactical media-buying tips, and information on markets and trends our strategic partnership with Outbrain allows us to leverage the Amplify system to its fullest potential.