AW ASIA 2023


Affiliate World Asia 2023 @Bangkok

The world of affiliate marketing recently witnessed a momentous event with the Affiliate World Asia conference. Industry leaders and innovators gathered in Bangkok for a two day conference to share insights and strategies. Among the distinguished speakers were the founders of Click Crew Media, Sam and Jos, who not only attended but took the main stage to share their expertise with the global affiliate marketing community.

Sam graced the stage as a speaker on a panel titled "The Native Ads Performance Playbook: A/B Testing, Optimizing, & Scaling Tactics to Maximize Your Funnel ROI." His insights into the intricacies of native advertising, data-driven strategies, and scaling tactics offered attendees a comprehensive guide to enhancing their funnel ROI.

"In the dynamic landscape of 2023, staying focused and understanding current risks is crucial. The era of endless growth and internet cowboys is over; it's time for stability and long-term strategic plans.”

Jos brought his expertise to the forefront in a panel titled "Search Arbitrage Mastery: Navigating Google’s Latest Policies, Harnessing TikTok’s Virality, and Picking Your Next Niche." His discussion delved into the challenges and opportunities of search arbitrage, navigating Google's policies, leveraging TikTok's virality, and making strategic decisions when selecting niches.