What better way to get into the summertime spirit, than traveling off to a warm and sunny Mediterranean destination with your crew? Click Crew did just that by welcoming summer 2022 together in the White Isle, Ibiza.

The crew had plenty of time together enjoying the calming yet vibrant atmosphere of the island with its stimulating views, the inviting waters, and the fresh and delicious Spanish cuisine altogether. We even took tranquility further with a group session of morning Yoga and individual hour-long massages in the villa. But it wasn’t all about winding down as we took matters into our own hands and made sure to have lively evenings every night together at our villa, playing games, enjoying good tunes, and having good conversations.

Needless to say after this trip we all felt fully relaxed and recharged, got our productivity running, our creative juices flowing, and grew closer as a crew and a team, having experienced such memorable times together.