Sam Bonser

Technical Director & Founder

“I’m an early bird, the one that wakes up the rooster.”

I’ve always been a morning person, so I like to get up super early—my alarm sets at 4.45 in the morning. I always drink two cups of coffee and get behind my laptop to get some work done. During the early hours of the day, I’m not distracted by messages coming in and I feel like I can really focus. Around 9 o’clock, I usually have some online meetings and around lunchtime, I move to the office to continue my day. 

To me, motivation is either based on something you want to work towards or something you want to work away from. Of course, I feel motivated to work hard to get better every day, but I also feel motivated to maintain the life and team I’ve built. I’m delighted with all that I’ve accomplished and motivated to work hard to keep it all together.

I feel that the most important values within Click Crew are respect, determination and a shared performance drive. Not only as a company but also as people. Click Crew is more a lifestyle than it is a job. As a team, we really are a community together. We all work hard and the results are there to show for it. Because we share great enjoyment while working towards a common goal, the team is mainly calm, focused and relaxed.