Martin Hammerseth

Senior Performance Media Buyer

"Work Smart, Not Hard."

I started my studies in International business and management wanting to become an accountant. During my first internship however I was introduced to media buying and knew shortly after that I had found my passion for life.

What I like about media buying is that the work you do is very diverse. There are a variety of things you can do each day, from an analytical point of view, to creative thinking, to following the latest trends and staying on top of them! This balance is what keeps me motivated through media buying.

"I'm trying to constantly evolve as a Media Buyer."

Before starting at Click Crew Media, I was a media buyer for 5 years at a performance marketing agency specialising in games. My main responsibility was to send quality traffic to our clients’ games through various social channels like Facebook and Google.

I’ve digested years of data on what makes people click on an ad and become a quality lead. I've learned to make decisions based on data and not feelings or preferences, which I believe is what’s most important when it comes to media buying.

I was born in Indonesia on the Sumatra island, and moved to the Netherlands just a few months after my first birthday. I've became more preserved and calm over the years but always looking for a good laugh with the people around me, which is why the easy-going, humorous environment of Click Crew fits my personality perfectly. I'm always open to help the people around me and hopefully be inspiring to others, and the team spirit here matches that so well as everyone's eager to help one another to the best of their abilities.