Jos Meier

Managing Director & Founder

“If it was possible to have breakfast in the shower, I would probably have my omelet while washing my hair at the same time.”

At some point in my career, I enjoyed working in the affiliate business, but what was once exciting and challenging became monotonous and routine. I knew it was time for the next step. Starting my own company made sense, and I needed the right partner by my side to go on this journey. I'd known Sam as a solo super affiliate for several years and we had become close. When we discussed the idea of starting a business together, things just clicked. 

To me, it's imperative not just to achieve the best results but also to make a positive impact on the people working for us. My goal is to create an environment where people are motivated to be the best they can be without feeling pressured. This is only possible if the ship is steered by those who keep both the importance of the destination and the crew members in mind. 

I believe in the individual power of people and that a diverse team of people together can really do wonders. I don't believe in one way to run a successful team. Everyone is unique and has a particular way of working. Some people are more productive in the morning, others work for hours without distractions, and some need a break from their screen more often to stay productive. I think it's essential to identify the needs of each individual in my team and see what I can offer them to ensure they can bring their a-game. 

I have a lot of respect for people who have gained their success by working hard without having it handed to them on a silver platter. The type of people who are creative in finding ways, seeing opportunities, and are willing to put in the work.