Heymi Jimi

Junior Performance Media Buyer

"Learning new things everyday is my biggest motivator."

I'm still a student and exploring different areas of my interests. My major is in International Finance and Control, as I have always been drawn to systems and processes. Later in my studies, I pursued a minor in the Future of Esports, which gave me a chance to explore the gaming industry. After that I got to explore the marketing industry with my first ever professional experience in a social media and marketing role.

All of these have been great learning experiences for me that have brought me to Click Crew Media, where I'm learning more and more everyday about Native Advertising.

"Working with supportive and friendly colleagues makes you enjoy every single day that you are around them."

Having my previous professional experiences in Turkey, makes almost every aspect of working in a professional environment different than the working culture in the Netherlands or especially Click Crew Media. Biggest difference being the work-life balance and how people take it much easier here while still finishing the job that needs to get done at the end of the day.