Angeliki Gemenetzi

Global Operations Manager

"When we focus on the competition, we become reactive, but when we focus on improving ourselves, we become innovative."

I pursued a Marketing and Communication bachelor’s degree as I found myself quite passionate about the field. However, by the time I finished my internship as a B2B marketing trainee, I had a newfound fascination with human behaviour within the workforce. Which is what led me to specialise in Leadership and Management in my master’s. 

This whole experience gave me the chance to develop my people skills and gain a solid understanding of team dynamics and what it takes to manage teams effectively.

"Time flies when working at Click Crew Media"

Its fast-paced and dynamic environment brings enthusiasm and constant growth to the workplace. I never get bored and it always feels like I can fully be myself and embrace my creativity here. It's 100% a place full of opportunities.

"Don't Be Afraid to Take the Risk of Optimism."

I believe that in every team each person brings their own unique characteristics to the table. I like to think that my positive mindset is contagious to my team and contributes to the overall positive atmosphere of Click Crew Media. A positive mindset fosters creativity and innovation.