Amy Aylward

Performance Media Buyer

"I like the idea of a job that is both creative and analytical."

I’m born and raised in Toronto, Canada but moved to the Netherlands in 2016. My intention was to experience Amsterdam for a year or two but six years later and I’m still going strong!

I originally studied fashion design but after graduating, I realised it wasn’t really for me and decided to do a more ‘practical’ Marketing & Advertising degree instead. I liked the idea of a job that was both creative and analytical and was really into Mad Men at the time…

I worked in Toronto as a Media Buyer for three years before packing up and heading to Amsterdam.

"I’m a very self-motivated person and thrive when it’s me against me."

After moving here, I first worked as a vegan chef for a few years and then moved over to the digital music industry. I’ve now joined Click Crew with a fresh perspective and am eager to pick back up where I left off a few years ago. Here I have the space and independence to constantly learn and grow on my own but have a great group around me who’s always eager to support one another.