Alexander Chugunkin

Python Developer

"Life is short, enjoy every moment."

My ideal morning: waking up at 5:30, drinking 300ml of water, going for an hour run, and getting a nice start to work. In the first half of the day I prefer to keep concentrating on challenging tasks, later on is a good time for the meetings.

Click Crew Media resonates with my approach to the work. I'm emphasizing the importance of being friendly to people around, while pursuing the end result. This way of working is efficient and plausible, more like a hobby.

"I will pursue a constant learning & implementing cycle, while leveraging performance with AI advancements."

My Bachelor’s is in Electronics engineering in Moscow, and Master’s in Business and Enterprise in Oxford. I was always into computers and modern technological advances, so both studies fulfilled my curiosity in how tech is built and why some technologies succeed while others not.

My goal in Click Crew Media is building a robust, lasting system that is fast and easy to maintain. At the same time, keeping up with technological advancements, as I believe that is the only way to be competitive in the modern world.